Solar Or Grid Electricity

Is Solar Power Really Cheaper Than Grid Electricity?

There has been much debate over solar power recently. Some people feel it is much cheaper than grid electricity, while others aren’t so sure. One plus of solar power is that it is better for the environment and once you have solar panels installed on your roof your energy costs will go down significantly. Read on to learn more about solar and its effect on your bottom line.

Solar Power Panels

Solar power has significant start up costs. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to get the panels installed and you also have to take maintenance costs into consideration. Many people can’t afford to install the panels, but many cities offer tax credits, grants and other means to bring the cost down so more people can afford them.

Compared to grid electricity, solar power is much cheaper and once your investment is paid back you will be paying next to nothing for your electricity. Solar electricity is renewable and it doesn’t create harmful emissions. You can choose to forgo gas altogether when you upgrade your heating system to an electric system and convert your gas stove to an electric one. You can even convert your water heater to an electric tank.

Electric appliances are more cost efficient and you can run them almost for free with a solar electric system installed in your home. You won’t have to deal with bills from your utility company anymore, and in some cases they will actually buy the excess energy you use and pay you each month for it.

You will also feel good about your system because you are doing something to help the environment. It is important to do what you can to reduce greenhouse gasses. Simple things like switching to LED light bulbs and conserving water can make a big difference.

Energy Account SavingsIn fact, if you can take advantage of the tax subsidies, you will get a substantial discount on your system, sometimes as much as 30 percent which can really add up. It is also possible to lease the solar equipment for a monthly fee.

If you can find a way to pay for it, solar is the way to go. Take advantage of federal tax credits and other incentives that are available to you so you can get out from under your utility provider. You will be doing a great thing for the environment as well.