Hydro Electric Power In NZ

25 thoughts on “Hydro Electric Power In NZ

  1. Dude, just ignore these assholes, hey is this the hydrodam thats really low
    on the water levels? man, if it is, and that thing runs out, us aucklanders
    are screwed o_O

  2. Amazing why not utilize the full potential of the energy? with longer or
    more turbines What a waste seriously if your gonna have a damn & make power
    dont miss the forest thru the trees

  3. I missed something ? I see a ass load of water next to a big fucking damn
    shooting like 200 yards. Did u miss something Master Bater

  4. so all the water rushing out has spent it’s energy? NO there could easily
    be another turbine per port. what a waste . jack off

  5. The long jets of water obviously are not from turbine tubes, but directly
    from the lake. Some dams have separate sections with mechanism to let water
    flow over the brim, but some others have pipes through the dam for spilling
    excesive water. The turbine tubes can be connected to them or go
    separately. In this case, turbine and spilling tubes are oviously connected
    somewhere in the dam.

  6. and nothing went to ‘waste’, water is a renewable natural resource! Oh,
    there is no dam either…..

  7. its nowhere near auckland jess you dumbass, and its not a dam, its a power
    station. You should have stayed at school a little longer

  8. looks pretty ugly to me. I say take that fucking shit down and don’t ever
    build a dam there ever again.

  9. thanks for the explanation, mate those gates opened like a bullet leaving a
    barrel . loved it !

  10. This shows really well how effecient the turbines are… virtually all the
    energy is captured then wham !! its all released. Thank you

  11. @outspokendestroyer Yeah – nice one, where does the power for your computer
    come from? Maybe a coal fired plant on the shores of Puhinui or some
    thermonuclear cooling towers at Bastion Point would look fantastic? There
    is no pretty way to harness energy bro.

  12. @brettv8 I ahve no objection to nuclear. But chuck it in the Uruweras, so
    if it blows up, all the undesirables get killed.

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