Energy And The Environment

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  1. what about nuclear technology? if we learn to use it very responsibly, it
    can solve most of our energy problems.

  2. At best, this is saying that today’s standard of living is in fact the best
    it’s ever going to get. It’s all downhill from here.

    At worst, the truth is that once fossil fuels are gone, So are we. It was
    a trap all along. And we fell for it.

  3. Magnetic fuel cell powered by Continental crust movement

    Our planet’s crust is always in a constant move

    Use the power of a earthquake to fuel a magnetic fuel cell to which then Is
    distributed to communities 

  4. Why does a coal plant need so many more cooling towers than a nuclear
    plant? In canada we just use a river or lake for cooling.

  5. Suppose theoreticaly we would harvest as much wind energy as we harvest
    from fosil fuel now. Wouldnt that just have the same consequence for the
    environment? Essentially we are stopping the wind… that’ll have some
    consequences I assume.

  6. Managed to mention nuclear power twice I think. Proper investment into
    nuclear breeder reactors and their use in conjunction with conventional
    thermal reactors has the potential to meet pretty much all of our energy
    needs for the next 100-1000 years. Obviously, the video is based around the
    research taking place in Cambridge, but whilst I agree with everything in
    this video, I think nuclear power will play one of the biggest roles in the
    future of energy

  7. I would love to see more shows like this one.
    I am going to take a 3 year course in Energy Systems Engineering

  8. Nuclear energy is the only carbon free power source with the smash to power
    the planet. China is building modular thorium reactors. We should be too.
    Enough money has been wasted on wind power; wind power is an environmental
    (and grid) disaster that will only play a useful part when and if the
    energy can be stored. And even then it is an environmental disaster.
    Hydropower is second in line to nuclear as a powerful clean energy source,
    but of course this only works in certain areas. No discussion of
    deforestation?? Treess require CO2 to survive and make oxygen. We’ve
    wiped out most of our forests.

  9. Isn’t it refreshing to know that so much mental and physical effort is
    being put into protecting the environment, and minimising humanity’s demand
    for resources?

  10. Such a marvelous presentation for the problem of energy. I certainly love
    the music background used at the end of the video too. What is the name of
    that theme, if I may ask?

  11. Great video! I think this is one of the most important topics to consider
    in physics and other related subjects, as it is so current, and essential
    for the environment. I think that although finding a way to more
    efficiently produce energy is very important, the amount of energy that we
    consumers use is the cause of most of the problems. (If we can find away to
    live a good lifestyle without as much need for fuel/energy, then less
    fossil fuels would be required by power plants, which would obviously lead
    to a decrease in CO2 production.) One way in which I think we could make a
    big difference in reducing fossil fuel consumption, is to design and
    manufacture vehicle engines that can efficiently turn a totally renewable
    substance, such as solar power or water, into enough energy to match the
    energy released from combusting fuels.

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